Monday, 6 July 2015

Currently Loving..........

....a whole big flippin' bunch full of stuff....

1. Dark Grey.....

I'm not sure why, but I have suddenly developed an obsession with dark grey.  I have it on my list to make a bed throw in charcoal. Heaven knows when I'll get round to making it, and maybe the colour obsession will have worn off by then, but I just cannot get enough of grey on pinterest. I've been contemplating dark grey walls, much to everyone else's protestations! Not sure I could be that brave though. I think I'll stick with accents.

2. Hot Cloth Cleansers.....

A short while ago I decided I had reached the age when I really ought to start to take care of myself more.

I'm a really girly girl. 

I can't help it.

I am drawn to sparkly, like a moth to a flame.

I like clothes shopping and spending ages at a fragrance counter.......

.....but I'm really low maintenance when it comes to skin.

Hitting my forties, and seeing the inevitable wrinkles set in and crepy eyes appear, I thought I ought to start to do a bit more to help myself out.

After reading about Sarah's new skin exploits, (one of my favourite blogs) I thought perhaps I ought to dip my toes in the world of beauty blogging too. about head exploding. Apparently wet wipes are an absolute sin, and don't even think about sloshing any face cream on until you've done a double cleanse. And as for soap and water............ Seriously?

A complete minefield of advice, no no's and must do's. It really opened my eyes. Errrrrr, I think I'll stick to crafty blogs, but I did pick up a few hints and tips.....which......for a low maintenance skin 'gal, are working a treat.

I've worked out, for my skin, which cleansers are the best, which are worth the money and which are not (for skin type). I've worked out how to properly use serum, night and day creams, how invaluable coconut oil is (for just about everything), and that I need to invest in a absolute ton of muslin and face cloths. Who knew? Cue many, many crochet cloths to be made too. For me personally, I started off buying several cheaper cleansers to try. I read that Superdrug's Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser was almost indentical to Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser (which seems to be a beauty blogger's must have). I bought that, and I liked it a lot. I then went and bought more products from their Naturally Radiant range, and haven't really moved on, as I really like how they work on my skin. They do a good polish, balm and peel in the range and I use them all. I also LOVE their Optimum Serum. I got them all on offer so it worked out cheaper. Trilogy do a lovely rosehip oil which I use (but on my hands, not face). Superdrug do a vitamin E oil which is a pretty good all rounder on all dry skin areas. I've been using Lacura serum too, which got amazing reviews given its price.

I have to say though, it's all really is working a treat; and although I've not suddenly turned into Jennifer Aniston (I've become more of a fresher looking waynetta), I actually feel the forties 'drab' has lessened, and the thrities 'glow' has reappeared. 

So, although, some of you reading this may think 'huh? I've been doing this for years', I'm a bit slow off the old mark........or maybe just plain lazy.

By the way, I was not paid (or given free products) to talk about my choice of lotions and potions. It's purely what I have found to work for me.......and we all have different skin. I'm just not into paying mega money for products I use everyday, and these seem to work well for me at a price that isn't going to make me bankrupt.

In keeping with this new found 'glow', Clean eating is being sought, I'm trying to really love water (yuck), and my sweet tooth is trying to become less sweet with the aid of many sugar free recipe books.

I'm trying to be good (Avocado junkie), I have my lapses, when a big chilled wine is needed or a Mars Bar is craved. I've also just bought a waffle maker. Supposedly for the Bears (yeah right, who am I kidding), and I've perfecting the art of home made iced coffee (for these hot muggy days we are having). I've been trying different recipes, and although I'm sticking to the lowest fat ones possible......yikes......Vietnamese style.....delicious. I'm just making a lot for testing purposes mind! If I don't, how do I know what I like best?!!!!

3. Age.....

Well, I'm not loving the fact that I'm getting older and the days and years seem to be whooshing by at an alarming rate....but more the fact that my new skin regime must be having some effect. This week, someone took me for being 10 years less than I actually am. In this heat, I can't even put it down to the magic hoodie. Result. Now, ahem, I'll forget the fact that it was a young man who probably hasn't got a clue about how to judge a woman's age, but I'll take anything I can get! ha ha! The Bears' still think I grew up in Victorian times though. I also got a comment from a complete stranger on what lovely skin I had. Errrrr, I would NEVER have said I had. Seriously, how have I only just started actually paying some sort of attention to my skin? I might be able to walk around without a bag on my head now.

4. Repeat Repeat Jugs.....

I have a couple of Repeat Repeat mugs I found in my local little Department store a few years back. I LOVE them. As you know, I'm a texture girl, and these mugs are incredibly tactile things to hold. I was in the Department store again the other day, and low and behold, they do jugs. OH MY, just as tactile as the cups. They have gone down on my little wish list. They look kind of Scandinavian to me, which I seem to be strangely drawn too.

(Image from Repeat Repeat Online Website)

4. Clouds.....

Well, not so much currently loving as always loving. I have a thing for clouds you see. But this week has been particularly great on the cloud front. Baby Bear and I had a huge cloudbusting session one day this week. In just a few minutes, we saw a giant sea monster, Fantastic Mr Fox in his jacket,  and strangely, also his sidekick Kylie with his boggly eyes, a Knight, a running dog, a seal and a witch. A pretty good session.

One night the air was so muggy and heavy. There were flashes of lightning and distant roamings of thunder. I absolutely LOVE the sound of thunder. I heard the pitter patter of rain so I went outside in the back garden to feel the warm rain falling, and the sky was probably the most incredible I have ever seen it. It was every shade of swirly grey (50 shades even) and it reminded me of the scene in 'Ghostbusters' where the clouds go all weird and the team save the day. I was actually quite blown away. I desperately wanted to take a picture to preserve the image, but the rain was falling and it wasn't practical, so I made sure to preserve the image in my head.

It was mind blowingly B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

....and if I close my eyes now.....oh...yes....there it is again........

5. Bats.....

There are nesting bats in my neighbour's house, and at dusk, out they come for a play. It's such fun watching them.

6. Lighter Evenings.....

Walks in the evenings are really rather lovely. What more is there to say?

7. Sprinkles.....

I will NEVER tire of sprinkles, but they just keep finding their way into my view.

8. The Perfect Clutch.....

(Image from

(Image from

.....for bookworms. I saw these last week in a store and I totally fell in love with them. Different sizes and book fronts. Just the cutest idea. You can get them here

9. New Music.....

.....Oh......just loving this album. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence and the Machine.


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Crochet and Flowers......

It has begun! I have started sewing up my little hexies. 

I can safely say this project will not be finished anytime soon, but oh, it is a dream to be working on. I managed to get a couple of hours free time sat out in the garden last week to just quietly sew. I am glad I decided to hand sew my hexies together rather than crochet. I think I've been itching to sew something for a while, so this sort of kills two birds with one stone. It sort of feels more patchworky too if that makes sense?

Life is pretty busy round here at the moment, so it was a real treat to make a start on putting it together. I still have a LONG way to go though, but I really am loving how it's coming together.....and I'm glad I stuck to the colours I already had and didn't add any more.

I've still got colour in the house which is nice.....

This little posy hangs from my kitchen cupboard knob. I'm really loving vibrant pink with deep forest green at the moment.

My peonies are still going strong and bringing me delight

My L'Aimant roses are flowering now and my word, they make me gasp every single time. My favourite rose for sure. Just the prettiest ballet pink on the a big sturdy, yet delicately frilly flower.

It rained heavily one day and I brought one into the house......oh so pretty......

......wave upon wave of ruffle........

Just a flying visit so.....

.....Tootle pip for now.....


Friday, 19 June 2015

The creative process....

I love colour. But I guess if you've read my blog for any length of time, you'll know that!

I LOVE looking at photos and images (I put my hands up to being a Pinterest addict)....and I love taking photos. However, I've realised that when I look at an image firstly, I actually don't look at its content. I sort of look at it through blurry eyes. It's actually colour and texture that grab me more that the actual content of an image. My love of colour, and colour together is my main focus. If you blur your eyes to an image, the colours blend in, and I find it's that that actually fires up my creative soul. I love to be inspired by colour choices. I guess it's that subconscious searching for colour combinations for creating things. 

Anyway, I'm blathering, but suffice to say, taking pictures this week of flowers and little corners of my home, it has inspired colour choices for future makes and i've found that HUGELY joyful. I know, a tad sad; but seeing colour combinations, especially natures combinations has really fired me up for Autumn makes.

Whilst I'm happily going about doing my mini hexies in pastel shades, I'm fancying my next project to be a little more vibrant.

I am loving this vibrant pink with deep green and a touch of turquoise/teal.

Oh, this has fired my soul. Teal....claret....raspberry......deep green.....vibrant green.....deep gold......mid pink. My cogs have began whirring about. I'm thinking something deep but highly colourful. I love to take a pic and see what colours come out of it.

Pale grey/blue.....vibrant green....deep green and shades of pink. Mmmmmmm always a winner with me. But I'll save it for another pastel creative day.

Deepest blues, greens, mixed with yellows and pinks......yes.....I'm loving that.

Aqua, yellow, raspberry and natural. I think that would be a great base for a ripple.....

Off white, turquoise, crimson, pink, green and a touch of brown. I'm thinking mitts.

I love how nature and the everyday can send you down a whole new creative path colour wise.

I love getting that buzz from a moment captured with my eyes. Nature is simply wonderful.

Happy Weekend


Friday, 12 June 2015

This and That.....

Life has been busy. It really seems to have been flying by lately, and I don't seem to have a lot to show for it. I've really only had time to do the everyday stuff which needs doing, so not a huge amount of crafting has been going on.

I made a cushion for a friend. I made a blue/grey one for myself and thought she might like one as her birthday was coming up. I can show it now as she has received it. After making half of it in a colour that I wasn't happy about, I frogged it all and made it this shade, a green/grey. Much better. It's from the Woman's Weekly Vintage patterns which came out in a magazine a while back, but you can get it online from the Woman's Weekly pattern site. They were doing maintenance work on the online site so I'm not sure if you can buy it at the moment.

My hexagons are slowly increasing. I have been trying to fit in a couple here and there when I can. I still haven't started joining them together yet. I've worked out that I need about 900 of these little beauties to make a throw of a reasonable bed size. This equates to approx 90 of each colour that I have. I think I haven't started joining (even though I am very tempted) as I am not sure if I want to add another colour. I quite like the pastel shades I have and wonder if another would be too much. The tones are all the same too, which I don't want to spoil. I am also still undecided as to how I want to join them together. I was thinking needle and thread, rather than hook and yarn. I have been using Vanessa's weave in method for each hexagon (still very much missing her here in blogland), which I am liking very much, but the fact that each hexagon is not being knotted off which I normally do, is making me feel that thread and tighter binding of each hexagon is the better way to go to avoid any un-ravelling. With having such small hexagons, there is not a lot of room for sewing in of ends. I am still really loving this though, and think having really small hexagons will pay off in the long run.

Doing little bits here and there though, is really making my crafty fingers itch. I am on the look out for a project that I can knock up in an evening. The cosy for the mad hatter's watering can is still floating in my head, but I need to put a lot of thought into its making. Something that takes deep thought is not high on my list at the moment. At the end of a long day I want simple, quick and satisfying. I caught a glimpse of a sight this week that set the cogs rolling.......

Mint/Aqua with naturals and beiges. Hummmmm I like that combo. It is stored now for future project making.

Whilst running around like the white rabbit, muttering 'I'm late...........I'm late', I have had brief moments to stop and look at the wonder of nature. I made it my mission to see if I could have flowers in my house all year round this year. That meant, trying to get what I could out of my poor pathetic garden, and buying cheap and cheerful blooms.

My poppies have opened up now, and the giant ones and frilly ones are so pretty. It's just a shame they don't last longer. 

I was on a mission to keep my hydrageas blue this year. My soil turns them pink. The main one hasn't flowered yet, but the tub has got the deepest blue mop heads on it which I count as an achievement with my poor gardening skills.

I have loved that I have managed to have flowers in my house all year so far without breaking the bank. Hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, garden roses and peonies. I have a peony bush in the garden, which sadly is only offering a few buds (rubbish soil me thinks), but, what buds have opened, have given me blousy delight. In your face brightest pink and yellow, shouting LOOK AT ME.

I got some shop bought ones, which I always look forward to seeing open, as I'm never sure how they will be. I bought some buds that were deepest burgundy. They opened burgundy.....then went pale red......then went peach.......then went the palest yellow when they were in full bloom. GOSH, I've never been so fascinated. Each bloom opened out to about 30cm each. They looked so beautiful but SO fake! I was actually excited to come into the room each morning and see how they had changed. 

 Don't they look lovely here....well they got even bigger and opened out even more. Just completely awesome.

I was talking to a florist once, and asked her what was her secret to having lovely big vases of blooms in her house without it costing a complete fortune. Her answer was this......invest in good fake blooms! I was a bit aghast that a florist would have fake flowers dotted all around her house, but actually it all made sense once she had explained. Sometimes, there is a disappointment when you buy a cheap and cheerful bunch of flowers at the supermarket. They look all lovely wrapped in their paper, but when you get them home and put them in a vase, they look a little thin on the ground. This florist said that if you invest in a few good fake blooms, especially foliage too, then you just use those to bulk out your vase. That way, you get fresh flowers that you can get pleasure from, but you also get a lovely big array to dress a table every time. You do, of course, have to offset the cost of buying the fake blooms, and the real looking fake ones are not the cheapest, but I thought it was actually a nifty idea. So i'm on the look out for good quality fake blooms to mix and match in with cheap real supermarket blooms. 

Well, that's my tip of the week passed on!

I have discovered a chocolate coffee for my lattes when time is short. Oh, such a sucker for packaging, but really rather pleasant.

Right, must dash.....the list today is endless.....

....have a super weekend all.