Friday, 5 December 2014

Pretties, Chatter and Pause Buttons.........

It's December.

Usually the month I have come to loathe.

Those of you who have been long sufferers to my blog know why. I just get quite bah humbug. Actually, It's not that I don't ENJOY's that I never get enough time to ENJOY Christmas.

And this bugs me.

It NEVER feels right shopping mega early to be organised, or making tree decorations in September. But, as this is a blog that has a lot of crafty stuff in it, it stands to reason that I should like to be crafty at this time of year. 

It NEVER happens.

It makes me a tad grumpy.

Right, got that out of the way.

This year I have decided to let it ride. The last couple of years, I felt loathed into making ANY effort of ANY sort. Actually, the fact that we have been away with family most years, makes spending a massive effort decorating the house, even less appealing.

This year, by some miracle I am almost all done with my Christmas shopping. Almost all done with Birthday presents too (a heavy family birthday month also). All wrapped, and Christmas decorations found and sorted.

We just need a tree. The pink one I managed to lull the Bears into having last year, would not wash again this year. So a nice smelling tree it is then. To be honest, I'm secretly pleased.

I am actually trying very hard to be organised.....and chirpy. If I am honest, It's going to be a difficult year this year. I am dreading Christmas week a little. It's going to be a hard one, and I know I am going to have to be the one that everyone is going to look towards to keep everything going. So, I'm trying to keep chipper, keep organised and try and make it the best that it can be.

So, that's my chatter bit really. Pretties? Well, grey, damp and cold days call for a bit of pretty don't they. So here are things that are helping to keep the cheer here........

The 'Christmas' Mantel. Baby Bear was most excited with this. He nagged and nagged to do some 'mock ups'. It was really funny. We did several displays, took pics and compared. Baby Bear chose this one. It is quite simple, but cosy, so a tick for me. I do like tea lights on a mantel at christmas.

Our efforts......

Sparkly trees and toadstools. What's not to love.

My cup  of the moment. It makes me say out loud 'well, hello there yourself' every time I get it out of the cupboard. 

E . V. E . R . Y      T . I . M . E



Enough said.

Happy china sorting for the month.

Happiness is faux gingerbread.

String a plenty.

Bells, fluff and snowflakes.

For the last few years I have made tree ornaments out of fimo. It is IMMENSE fun. This year, sadly time is not on my side.......

......however, a friend came through and sent me some she had made for me. I know, weird word and nothing to do with Christmas, but our little running joke about funny names. It makes me smile every time I look at it.....

E . V . E . R . Y          T . I . M . E


I have a 'Pants' and 'Halibut' to go on the tree. She may have started something here........

I have faffed making my little kitchen shelves into Christmassy shelves. 

Getting rid of this...... make way for this.....

I LOVE faffing.

My goal in January is to de-clutter. Yeah, right, I hear you snort. But for now clutter can stay. January...clutter be gone.

Yeap....trusty crocheted tealight holders.

Still, Mr Moon stays with me (might have to make another one for Baby Bear). Just love him. I want to make him a christmas hat. I think it's only right.

Happy Glows

I found this ornament in my local Garden Centre. Very Wood and Wool Stoolish isn't it?

Snow Globe ornaments are definitely my favourite at the moment. I bought the most perfect Snow Globe salt and pepper pots from Anthropologie last year. Unfortunately, they are PANTS to photograph.

Best 'til last.....Obviously.

I haven't had any time for crochet. I have 4 garments outlined to crochet, and 5 blankets (yes I know, I never learn) that I am desperate to make (and I just cannot decided which one to start first, as I like them all equally).

One is made out of motifs, so I might start that around Christmas if I do get any free sit down time.

Okay so onto the pause button. Whilst life is still quite all over the place, and giving me very little time to make.........I sort of feel like I have nothing to say (despite what feels like an epic post I have just written). So, I'm going to hit the pause button for now until after December. I'll catch up with you all then. It's not that I don't want to be here, It's just that something has to give this month. I fear I may bore you witless with shots of tea and candles (that makes up most of my home time at the moment) and there's only so much of that even I can take.

So....tarrah for now.

I hope that you ALL have the most MARVELLOUS Christmas and NEW YEAR.

I may get to do a yearly round up post before the New Year sets in. 

We shall see.

Until then...............


Monday, 1 December 2014

It Started With Some Yarn......

.......I popped into my local yarn shop a few months back......and suddenly I had walked out with a little bag stuffed with the happy colours.

A lovely bright turquoise caught my eye. I'm a sucker for turquoise and all it's surrounding shades. It was Sirdar's Supersoft Aran in Misty (914). It screamed at me to get it. 

By chance, a lovely pink ball was next to it in another cubby hole. I thought they went together perfectly. This was Adriafil Regina in deep pink (045). Thoughts of a bright scarf were swishing about in my head. It did need another colour, and I didn't hesitate at what it would be. I searched around to find just the right shade of red that would go with the other two colours. And I found it in Drops Karisma (18).

I walked home, keeping peeking in my bag to catch a glimpse of the bright colours. Wow. They did not disappoint.

So, a scarf was whipped up. A simple scarf in a basic shell pattern. These can be found quite easily on a search online, both pattern form and tutorials. 

I used a really big hook for the body. A 9mm hook made it work up nice and loose. Not too loose so that it looked all gapey, but big enough so that it had a nice drape and it kept its softness. It was extremely snuggly. The borders were simple and the contrasting colours really popped. 

These are SO my colours, but as I was working on it, I had a thought. Another member of my family loved this colour turquoise as much as me. Her birthday was in December, so just about the right time to receive a nice soft, warm, snuggly scarf. Unfortunately, she has just started yet another heavy round of chemo. So, I thought a snuggly hat was needed too.

I wanted to use the same colours, but I wanted to try and stay away from 'twee', so I searched to find a nice stitch pattern that was a little different from the scarf. I found a pattern by Kandice Oster called The Meringue Kiss Hat. It was perfect. I know my relative wears beanie hats and I liked the stitch pattern on it. As I was working on it, it was looking like it was knitting rather than crochet.

So a hat was made to sort of match the scarf. I would have preferred to have made the main body of the hat in pink, but the Sirdar yarn was a little bit softer which I thought was important for a hat. The pom pom was loosely secured so that she could go with or without when she tried it on.

I'm hoping she'll love them, as much as I loved making them. 

So, that was that. I have some great projects lined up that I'm so excited to make a start on. I just have to find the time. But it's fun thinking on them all. I like that.

This set was quick crafting, and it was a pleasure. I'll be using both patterns again I think. It was nice to work on it and not feel guilty, because I was making it for someone else and not myself. Time is still so scarce. I don't do well running at the pace that I am at the moment. Still, the projects in my head are making me buzz so that's all good!


Wednesday, 26 November 2014


A grey mist has cast its spell this week.

The temperature has dropped.

The days are dark and damp.

It's now the time for me when candles make a permanent appearance, the smell of stew wafts in the house, 'mulled' stuff sneaks in, and cosy scarves are worn.

Today I have the chance to 'potter'. I am treasuring it. It is rare these days. I need it. Life at the moment is going at break neck speed in my little world.

I am way behind with everything still, but I knew that if I didn't get one day in where I could just take things slow, burnout wouldn't be far behind me.

So, today is a treat.

It's great to have a drink at a reasonable pace. 

It's great to pamper my poor neglected nails.

It's great to put a wash on, and be around when it finishes. 

It's great to be able to plan dinners.

It's great to be able to take pleasure in having candles lit.

It's great to have silence for a bit.

I have needed this. 


All go again tomorrow, but for today.......for this is heaven.


Thursday, 20 November 2014


I love doing this.

Choosing colour combinations.

From photos in my home to images found on pinterest, I have taken colour inspiration and put them together.

I just thought I'd share my colour palettes for new project ideas.

Dresser Colours.

I guess probably one of my favourites. I think I need something in these shades for sure.

Mediterranean Kitchen Colours. I think I'm quite liking this palette too. Quite a cosy one, and teamed with ecru could be a winner.

Bright and Airy


Retro Brights

Rowan Pure Wool DK Yarn

Cascade 220 Yarn

Autumn/Winter Colour Blocking

Caron Aran

Autumn Brights

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino DK

Spring Brights

Caron Aran

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino DK

Caron Aran

Sorbet Soother

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino DK

Drops Andes

Drops Paris

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino DK

Drops Andes

Drops Paris

All slight variations on a similar colour theme, with a bit of 'bright' thrown in for good measure. 

I am just loving all these colour combinations at the moment.

Any colour combos take your fancy too?