Thursday, 30 July 2015


Views from this past week.

I have not been so well. Today, the sun was shining, and Baby Bear and I did some happy baking. He is such a sweetheart, and happy to lick the chocolate spoon.

I have not been doing as much of my latest project as I would have liked, due to feeling so rubbish. I just am LOVING working with the Alpaca yarn though. It truly is the most scrummiest of yarns.  I just have my fingers crossed that it turns how how I have it in my head. It'll be the biggest of pants issues if it doesn't!

Cheerio for now.....



Friday, 24 July 2015



My kitchen



Grey skies


Twinkle lights

Hot drinks

Cosy socks

What is going on?

I was seriously thinking more along the lines of iced popsicles, iced lattes, frozen smoothies, suncream and sunshine, rather than things to keep me warm! Can't win them all hey.

I guess on the plus side, I got my first summer holidays lie in which was nice, except I'm an early riser. However, it's lovely to feel snug and cosy with a hot cuppa, a bit of gorgeous crochet (seriously loving the new project) and hearing the gentle pitter patter of rain through the open windows. 

Here's to finding the loveliness, whatever the weather!


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

This Past Week....

These past days have been a mixed bag really. The summer so far has felt like a bit of a washout. For every one nice day, there seems to follow several days of grey gloom. True British Weather I suppose. 

I heard some sad news regarding someone I knew at school. A life taken in terrible circumstances. I hadn't seen them since leaving school, then weirdly saw and spoke to them a few days before they were taken from this earth. It has shaken me. Life is precious and fragile.

The joy of getting the car back from the garage after parting with a great deal of cash to fix it, was indeed short lived. It's just a hassle. Oh well, more exercise.

The past days and weeks have been super busy, with term ending and other bits happening. I think we are all ready for a break, and a few weeks spent running at a lower pace. 

A few weeds to be pulled and a couple of bushes to get rid of, had suddenly meant the garden looking like a bomb site. Something that was on the agenda for next year, suddenly looks like it needs to be brought forward to this year. Painting the house was on the agenda this summer, not the garden. I WILL BE BETTER. Why do I do it?

Nevermind, I'm concentrating on the lovely, and banishing all niggles and sad thoughts from my brain.

The flowers in the house are still going strong, and there is still colour in the garden (what's left of it). I am loving having colour. I am loving having little jugs and jars of posies all over the place. They are giving me HUGE amounts of pleasure. I think sunflowers next week in the house.

I have been busy trying to sort out my house. My poor, neglected house. I'm still undecided about paint colours but realise I just need to go for it and pick one. A bit like 'pin the tail on the donkey' with paint shades. Really, no kidding, I think that's what I'm going to do, just pick one, not even try it, but just go for it. I'm getting bored now of paint colours and they are all starting to morph together.

I took everything off my dresser to wash and sort and realised just how much it needed painting. It has taken some heavy duty bashing over the years from the Bears' toys and needs a bit of TLC. A big job for the holidays, but at least I know what colour I'm painting it, so that's a start.

My clean eating is going about half and half I would say. I guess I'm all of the Yin and Yang view. A healthy meal followed by a big slab of cake. I'm all for balancing! Geez, I'm useless....really...really...useless.

I have made some wash cloths for this whole double cleansing malarky. It probably would have been far cheaper to have just bought cheap face cloths, but I like the home made ones, so I'll make a few more.

My crochet hexies are on the back burner. I was going to pick them back up in the holidays, and with the super lovely yarn I got the other week, I fancied making something quite quick in time for the autumn.......

......but as usual, suddenly something caught my eye one day in the house and I had a light bulb crafting moment. As is always the case with me, in my rushed, no thought kind of way, I immediately pick up a hook and yarn and start on something. No pattern, no real thought, just an idea of yarn and a stitch and off I go. I have to say........OH MY WORD......I am loving it so far. There's not a lot of it though. It's a slow stitch....but totally worth it. Now, it still could go belly up and become a costly pants mistake, but I am loving the stitch, I am loving the yarn, I am hoping with all hope that I can pull it off. It should be utterly straight forward to make, but I hope I can make it end up how it looks in my head.

So...there we go and here we are as they say.

Have a super week all


Saturday, 11 July 2015