Friday, 1 May 2015

Q & A's........

I thought today I would post some Q & A's.

I get a lot of emails asking me many a same question.

I do have a facts page on my sidebar that answers a few, but I thought that maybe I'd go through a few that I get asked over and over.

You show a lot of crochet on your blog, but I cannot find any patterns for them. Do you have them?

This blog here, is my space to record moments of my life, and makes that I have made for my home, myself, friends and family. It's quite informal......and fairly scatty. If I make something from a pattern, I will provide a link to the source. It will be in the form of an embedded link i.e 'I got this pattern from HERE'. If you hover over the word 'here' it will change colour, and you just click it and it will take you to the page where I found the pattern source.

Some things I make myself. I get an idea, and I rush to start it. Usually, it's a wing it scenario, or made up as I go to fit around something. I don't write patterns. As much as I would like to, I am fairly rubbish because I have no patience, and I hate having my creativity interrupted by trying to write and re-write instructions. I get bored easily doing that, and I give up and get grumpy.

If I make something in this way, I mention this. I put it on my blog to record it for myself. Sorry, but I'm not a designer, it does nothing to float my boat. What you get on here, is as much as I can give. Whilst I struggled a while back with trying accommodate all that was being asked of me by people, I have made the decision to just please myself with this blog and not make it a pressure filled unhappy experience. This is not a technical crafty blog. You'd be disappointed if it's what you visit for.

You never seem to let us know what yarn you use in your projects. Why?

Errrr, well, simply because I'm pretty useless at the recording bit. Also, many projects are born out of using up yarn scraps. I have buckets full of odds and ends. All half used and unlabeled. I mix and match brands to get my colour palettes, and have even been known to mix and match my ply's for a vintage effect. As much as I would like to be organised I am not. It's just how I roll on this blog. Sorry. Sometimes, with smaller projects, I make a note or if I buy specifically.....but don't hold me to that, generally I'm useless and don't provide great details about finished makes.

Do you have a shop or sell your makes?

No. The thought had crossed my mind many moons ago, but, I just make for myself, friends and family. It shall remain a pleasurable hobby.

Do you do workshops?

No. I'd be useless.

Can we see more photos of your home please?

I'm very aware that I share a house with others so the space is not solely my own. I put in snippets of small corners that make me happy that day, but bigger views I keep private.

How do I go about guest posting on your blog?

I don't do guest posts. My blog is not that sort of blog. Sorry.

Can I advertise on your Blog? 

I made the decision to keep this blog small and informal. Sorry, but I don't advertise.

I like your photos, do you sell them?

I love taking photos. I don't think i'm particularly great at taking them, but I love doing so, none the less. I get asked this question a lot, and at some point when I can get my act together, I might make crafty postcard packs. I'm still in the thinking about it stage though, and I am a great procrastinator, so don't hold out hope of it happening for a while!

You have a dreamy life.

Okay, not so much a question, as a statement that often get's said to me. Errrrrr, right, let's just do a reality check here to even things out a bit.

I'm a girly girl living solely with males. To compensate for all the testosterone, I try to even it all out, and my decoration is quite feminine. Luckily, the males don't have a problem with this. I cannot live without bright colours in my life, but I am a pastel girl through and through. My blog space here is about me and my thoughts, scattered with pictures of my love of these colours, but make no mistake, all is not dreamy.

This is my get-away space, and it serves to take me away from the mundane of housework (which most of you know by now is my pet hate). Three boys create a whole heap of stinky mess. I am a skivvy, a taxi service, an endless purse, a cook, a cleaner. I am forever picking up stray socks and finding plates under beds. The washing pile is never ending and soul destroying, and I wish I wouldn't tread on so much lego. I'm sick of toothpaste all around the sink, overflowing kitchen bins, only me ever stacking or unstacking the dishwasher, and no one being able to hang out washing. No one ever picks up fallen coats and leaving shoes absolutely everywhere is the norm apparantly. I have been known, when the Bear's moan about what's for tea, to open up the cereal cupboard and say 'help yourselves'.

I am stupidly doing ten things in my house at the one time and it's like a bomb site. Not pretty, and annoying. Messy boys don't help.

I lead a normal, messy life.....but it's my life, and it works for me. It's certainly not dreamy, but little moments are. We all have them though.

I think that's mainly it. The major questions are answered.

Have a wonderful weekend all


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Loves and Loathes......

I Love...

...The smell of wet concrete on a summer's day.

...Pressed glass.

...The sound of heavy rain, thunder and wind.

...The first tea of the morning.

...The first coffee after the first tea.


...Flip Flops.

...Finding something lost.

...The smell of my washing detergent.

...A soft breeze on a warm day.

...The sound of wood pigeons.

...Listening to Big Bear play songs on the piano..

...Being woken by natural daylight.


...Inhaling freshly cut grass.

...The sound of curtains flapping in the breeze.

...Driving past fields of rapeseed on a summer's day.

...Layers of throws and quilts on a bed.


...Family snuggles.

...Pretty stationary.

...Garlic being cooked.


...Laughter at the dinner table.


...Good Manners.

...A clean kitchen.

...The smell of tomatoes on the vine.

...Finding the perfect ball of yarn.

...People watching in a cafe.

...Hitting the snooze button.



...A posy of flowers.

...Cold toast with cold butter.


...Brightly coloured plastic.


I Loathe...


...Rubbish ringtones you get on house phones.

...Always being left with odd socks in the laundry basket.

...Running out of discontinued yarn.


...The word 'Lush'

...Low lying grey cloud.

...Egg Custard tarts.


...Bringing in washing from the washing line.

...Rude people.

...Time going too fast.


...Being late for anything.

...Tepid tea or coffee.

...Being excited by an idea, then realising it's not so much fun.

...My camera battery dying mid photo taking.


...The helplessness of your child being ill.


...Bickering at the dinner table.

...Heavy Metal.

...Realising I am becoming intolerant of a lot.

...Pens that never work and pencils with broken lead.

...Scary Films.



Any real loves and loathes to share?


Monday, 20 April 2015

Oh Yes, Yes, Yes..........

I have realised....

....that there are colour combinations that I go to time and time again.

I have had in my mind for a while to make a tiny patchwork crochet blanket for my bed. I wanted teeny tiny hexagons. I wanted soothing. I wanted to sew them all together instead of crochet them.

I was picking colours......

I was ooooohing and ahhhhhing over these pretty little hexagons, and marvelling at how excited I was, when I realised it was colour combinations I have used several times over. I must just really like these colours together.

Oh yes, yes, yes.......I see this draped across my bed. 

How pretty will it be?

Can you see it in your head?

I can, and it's making me really quite giddy with excitement.

I know it will bring plenty of smiles to my face. It's a big job though. Stamina and perseverance are needed with this one.

That's okay though. As long as I have it straight in my head how I am wanting to proceed with this one, it will be all good. Yes, yes, yes it will.

ahhhhhhhh, that blue/green/grey shade is one of my all time favourites I think. I am currently doing paint swatches on my wall with shades like this.

A brief thought was to make a couple of patchwork cushions. Certainly easier, quicker.........satisfying. I REALLY don't need any more blankets......but the thought of this draped on my bed has stayed with me.....and I REALLY want to do it. 

 I will just beaver away making these little hexagons. 

My go to project. 

No pressure. 

I know at the start it will take a while with this one! I will be prepared to wait.

I have so many other projects to start too. I have so many ideas. 

In between trying to sort out my house. So many ideas with that also. Slowly but surely I will get bits done.

I just love these colours together.....sigh........


Friday, 17 April 2015


The sun is shining. 


I have spent time sipping tea on my back steps.

Mr and Mrs Sparrow dance about in and out of the cracked tile. Soon after, chirp, chirp chirping of tiny mouths wanting feeding can be heard.


The bee's nest behind my (aptly named beehive) shed, has come alive again this year. They are HUGE. They are like huge bombers going in and out and wafting around the garden.


The bluebells are staring to open now, just as the muscari are beginning to falter. A sea of blue washes over my tiny patch.


Doors and windows open, and the waft of freshly drying washing on the line.


Evening walks, the smell of freshly cut grass and the soothing sound of tractors ploughing fields.


Magazines to inspire, flowers to makes the corners of the mouth crinkle up, and fresh coffee to waft and awaken all the senses.


Almost back to normality again. The Easter holidays are nearly over, and soon the house will be quiet again for a good portion of the day. In truth this has been a pretty stressful week. Not a lazy, cake baking, place walking week I had originally planned. But, never mind......I was determined to see the beautiful in the week.

There is so much beauty to see. Often the most insignificant things can make the senses come alive. It has been lovely to tune into it all and I just wanted to remember these moments........ they really are...beautiful.