Monday, 24 August 2015

The Easy Peasy 'Coco' Sweater....

One of my happiest makes for a while.

I bought a couple of balls of Drops Alpaca in a nice little yarn shop one day. I bought them with the vision of perhaps some nice little wrist warmers to take me into Autumn.

It was gorgeous yarn in a gorgeous colour. A greeny/grey/blue. Totally me, and totally scrummy.

I like drapey, slouchy and swingy, and have a Zara knit top that I like to wear.....a lot.

One day, I'm staring at this gorgeous yarn.......then my focus shifts to this Zara top that is next to it....and the light bulb moment happens. Why don't I make a slouchy, drapey sweater thingy from this gorgeous yarn, instead of some measely little wrist warmers. This yarn seemed too gorgeous to just be a pair of wrist warmers. It can't be hard I thought. I looked at the Zara top and it was basically two rectangles joined together with sleeves. How hard can that be? my usual, fly by the seat of my pants, hurridly rushed sort of way, I scribbled what I wanted to do, got some more yarn, and just crocheted, hoping for the best.

I had many a moment when I was really worried that it would turn out horribly wrong, and it would be a complete waste of effort. But once I started putting all the pieces together, I started to relax and realise it was going to turn out just as I had hoped it would.


It's just a dream to wear. Sloppy and comfy. Warm and cosy, yet light if that makes sense.

Anyway, I'm thinking, as I usually do, that a couple more would be lovely to add to my wardrobe.

I did spend a while wondering it it needed some sort of fancy edging or embellishment. I was quite taken with the idea of some teeny little roses right on the join there between the neck seam and the arm join, but I still haven't decided. I might make some detachable ones that I can just put on if I feel like sprucing it up a little. I also had some cross stitch rose patches that I quite fancied sewing on, but, again, I am undecided. Maybe if I make a couple more I will experiment. I do like the colour of this one and I like it plain. So who knows. I like having the option though. I decided against any edging or fancy border. I think I just quite liked it simple. But the great thing about this pattern is the possibility or adding loads or keeping it simple.

So, the easy peasy basics of this sweater. It's basically two rectangles made for the front and back. I used Drops Alpaca in shade 7120 (Light Greyish Green it is called). It really is gorgeous yarn to use. It's 4ply, but I used a 4mm hook to make it soft and drapey. I made a chain of 180 for each main rectangle. I'm a UK size 12 and this was perfect for me as I wanted it really loose and swingy. I'd say give or take 20 chains if you want to go up or down. I used 4 x 50g balls for each rectangle and went up in rows until I had used all the balls. That equated to 108 rows to be even on both rectangles.

For the sleeves, I made a foundation chain of 40 and used 1 x 50g ball for each sleeve. I did 90 rows for each sleeve (so a thin, long rectangle). I laid out both front and back panels (WSF and one above the other) and crocheted (using the remaining yarn) each sleeve panel to both sections of the rectangles. I then just closed up each sleeve seam remaining, and crocheted together to two sides remaining. I worked out how much of the neckline I wanted to crochet together. Just enough to give a drape off the shoulder, but not so much that it would be annoying and always falling down. It's really down to you. I just tested it with stitch markers until I felt it was right for me. I believe I crocheted in 81 stitches from each side to get it just how I wanted it.

The stitch I used, I really loved for this project, and think it worked really perfectly. I believe it is called the Seed Stitch. It is the crochet equivalent to the knitter's Moss Stitch, which is s stitch I TOTALLY love in knitting, and what I wanted to re-create in a crocheted garment. I looked it up and some people refer to it as Moss Stitch in crochet but to avoid confusion for myself, I call it Seed Stitch (it does actually look like little planted seeds in the ground). There are lots of tutorial for this stitch on the internet. It's simply 'DC, chain 1' (UK terms).

Well I love it. Really simple to make. Snug. Soft and it's like wearing a big warm hug. It's fine to wear with something light, but I'll be wearing it with layers underneath for the wintertime too.

I'm liking the idea of a big wide Drops Alpaca Scarf to add to it, just to increase the snuggly factor in the Autumn time for walking. Oooooooh yes, doesn't that sound scrummy? There is quite a nice selection of colours for this yarn too, which makes it even more appealing. It really was a dream to work with, and it's a dream to wear. 

Maybe not everyone's style or choice, but it's very 'Me' so I'm all smiles!

Apologies for the quality of the photos. The weather has been rubbish here, and I had to try and capture it on rare day when the sun was out, and I had one of the Bear's to take a few shots. A little out of focus, but you get the picture, so to speak!

As I said in my previous post, I shall be taking a little break. I have so much to do in the day to day, that I just need to focus and get it all done. Also, I'm really getting into the frame of mind that this little blog of mine has run its course. I often have these thoughts, but they disappear and I carry on. Lately, they have been hanging around a lot longer. I think perhaps the break might be a good idea to see if I come back refreshed, or if it's to say goodbye.

May all your days be beautiful


Friday, 21 August 2015


I've been very moochy. The weather has severely affected my mood this holiday.  I don't know why so much this year. 

Today though, the sun is shining, and a smile is on my face. Doomy, gloomy consistently grey weather in the summer, I find hard. 

Okay moan over.

I still haven't photographed my latest WIP. I may do today if I get a moment. I'm not sure it's all that photography worthy now though. I love it so much.....I have lived in it......which is wrong......seeing as it is cosy and snug and warm........and I shouldn't need that at this time of year. Anyway.

I have re-organised my dresser. I took everything off it to get it ready for sanding and painting, but the weather turned and my heart wasn't in it. So I cleaned it and washed everything and sparingly put stuff back on. It WILL get a new lease of life......very soon.

I've comfort eaten, how terrible! Urgh, the weather made me! I'm craving all stodgy stuff.....and Casseroles! Baby Bear and I have baked for England. Fresh French Loaves daily and Cake....lots of it. Seriously, clean eating has totally gone out of the window....and so has my waistline.

I'm itching to start a crochet project. My mini hexagon blanket is on hold for the moment, whilst the house is all topsy turvy. I need a lot of space for it. I want something that will be simple and plain. I have two ideas in mind but I'm just being a bit airy fairy about it. I cannot settle. I think it's because I have so much other stuff to do. Never mind. It shall all come together when it's good and ready.

My favourite jeans need repairing. I pinned a fab idea a year or two back on Pinterest, so that's where the lovely fabric comes in.  Also, Mr Whale came to stay with me. He's rather lovely and I've become very fond of him very quickly.

I shall get the WIP on a post, then I may take a blogging break for a while. I have so much to do in the house and so many projects that need my attention. I really need to focus (which sadly, is not one of my strongest points).

Have a super day all


Friday, 14 August 2015



You know I thought this current WIP could have gone one way or the other?

Well....... went the right way.

TOTALLY and UTTERLY the right way.


I was so nervous. I had such high hopes for my whim of an idea. It is sewn together and it is everything I had imagined it to be......and so much more. 

I'm utterly in love with it. Soft and utterly wonderful. I'm skippy and giddy.

Of being me......I'm now thinking on several more.

I'm just deciding on leaving it plain or embellishing it........and once the weather is good (seriously pants hard rain and general greyness today) I shall take some pics and give you details. 

Watch this space.....


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

This and That......

Not very word heavy today. A post of 'this and that'. I've been away. I've come back. It was lovely. I'm overwhelmed with the mess in my house. I've tried to enjoy moments crocheting my current WIP (Oh my word, loving it, but really nervous it's going to be pants when it's put together....cue disappointment city), but the house needs my attention, so the guilt factor is 


For summer, the weather has been utter pants, well, the few decent days, I haven't been available to enjoy. I'm still waiting. I need a few consecutive days of good weather to haul my dresser outside to sand and re-paint. Although, I see the weather report states a month's worth of rain in two days coming very shortly. I think I need to emigrate to sunnier climbs (southern UK, I'm sorry, but you're really not doing it for me this year......I'm a tad disappointed with you).

I have crocheted a little. I have baked. I have shrieked (I shamefully confess) at finding aqua pressed glass ( I mean, aqua....and pressed all dreamland to me). I shrieked a little more at finding a turquoise pressed flower vase also. Seriously, I'm quite sad, but they helped take away the grey day weather blues. I bought up craft supplies for Baby Bear and I, and I shrieked (yes, I know, again, and it's getting a little embarrassing) at Yvestown's INGENIOUS CD/DVD storage idea. Because of that, I have freed up a couple of shelves in a cabinet to house more of my rubbish. Happy me.

Hopefully my little crochet WIP project will be finished by the end of this week and I can find out if it's thumbs up or thumbs down. Eeek.

 Be back soon.....